Which Facial Hair Style Is Yours?

According to a survey conducted by YouGov, only a third of young women prefer men without some form of fluff upon their face. As a result of some female attention and the fashionable aspect of growing a facial hair, many men across the country are experimenting in the latter months of 2018 as the cold snap returns once again. Whether you are currently adopting a simple moustache, on the start line of facial growth or a seasoned bearder, there are a lot of different facial hair styles you can choose from. But, distinct face shapes may require various styles. Whether you’re considering a moustache or a beard growth in the near future, remember, what looks good on others may not exactly look the same on you. While it’s also important to keep your facial hair clean, eradicating bacteria or infection, a regular trim and shaving ‘dead’ hair can keep you looking fresh. Thus, face clippers and trippers are an essential part of a Man’s grooming routine, choosing the right clipper or trimmer can prove beneficial as you experiment with a new winter look.  
£27.99(Panasonic ERGS60S Wet/Dry Precision Beard Trimmer, Hair Clipper Body Groomer)
Stubble: The simplest among all the beard styles, the short stubble is something that you can easily maintain. This style is often referred to as designer stubble, a hint of ruggedness, yet it does not make you appear untidy. Goatee: While there are many types of Goatee styles you can go for, this is one of the most popular among males. You may opt for this style as it can complement your facial features perfectly, after careful sculpting. Casual Beard: The Casual Beard is a bit longer than generic stubble and is less shorter than a fuller beard, if maintained properly this can really bring out your machismo image. This is one of the more favoured styles among the male population, a casual style is normally trimmed between 3 to 5mm. Sideburns: Whether you refer to this style as sideburns or the friendly mutton chops, you’ll need to have a strong pair of balls if you want to pull it off! Full Beard: This style is probably the most popular from all the styles you can choose from, it’s often referred to as the manliest and much preferred by both men and their female partners alike. A well-groomed full beard can be an attractive tool to have, it has the ability to accentuates your features better. Hipster Beard: Whether it’s down to pure laziness or wanting that longer fuzz, this style is perfect for you – although trimming it once in awhile is required. Keeping it in pristine order is for the greater good of your beard, this will keep it full, healthy, natural and stylish. There’s nothing worse than a badly unkempt rug upon one’s face.
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